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Readings 13
Chimney Swift

The First Sentences:
The Chimney Swift is not a Swallow, although he has been confused  
with the latter species so long and so thoroughly that he is better  
know by the name Chimney Swallow.

The nest is a peculiar hollowed bracket built of dried twigs well  
cemented together with the gluey saliva of the bird, and fastened to  
the rough wall of the chimney somewhere from five to to ten feed from  
the top. This remarkable structure is anything but secure, and when  
the lusty young birds become restless it has an extremely awkward way  
of dumping the whole family down in the fireplace; then the rasping,  
ear-splitting chirps of the youngsters are only comparable to the  
filing of a saw — yes, twenty saws!

Of course the Chimney Swift has not song, but he has a very tolerable  
idea of keeping time with his fellows in a series of penetrating,  
rhythmic chips (away up on the highest C of the piano) during an “all  
hands around” game of “tag”  In ever narrowing circles about some  
neglected chimney of the old farm house.

Dennis Varza

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