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Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Mon Oct 17 14:22:59 EDT 2011

Posted to the WRONG LIST.

Sorry about that.

Roy Harvey
Beacon Falls, CT

--- On Mon, 10/17/11, Roy Harvey <rmharvey at snet.net> wrote:

> One point that I don't think has been
> mentioned is that a run-of-the-mill birder (like me)
> benefits from the best view even more than the
> experts.  When a birding friend finally replaced his
> very old B&L Elites not long ago with something in the
> $500 range, he said (more or less), "I can probably make up
> for the difference between these and the real high end with
> my experience!"  And he does.  I, on the other
> hand, need every last bit of help I can get!
> After starting with $85 7x35 Nikons that were already
> around, my first real birding binoculars were the old Swift
> Audubon 8.5x44, which I still love.  But when I had to
> attempt a bird survey in the rain they fogged up totally,
> which led me to getting the Swarovski ELs I still use.
> Roy Harvey
> Beacon Falls, CT

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