[CT Birds] Fairfield - DICKCISSEL etc.

Alexander Burdo alexanderburdo at mac.com
Sat Oct 22 17:54:17 EDT 2011

Spent the afternoon birding at Pine Creek, Jennings Beach and Greenfield Farms. The highlight was a female-type DICKCISSEL feeding among sparrows on the ground before the landfill at Pine Creek. Other highlights below:

Greenfield Farms:
2 Field Sparrow
3 Palm Warbler

Fairfield Wastewater Treatment Plant:
13 Yellow-rumped Warbler
6 Ruby-crowned Kinglet
2 Golden-crowned Kinglet
3 Blackpoll Warbler
lots of insects!

Pine Creek:
1 Sharp-shinned Hawk
2 Eastern Phoebe
2 Blue-headed Vireo
15 Ruby-crowned Kinglet
2 Gray Catbird
1 Blackpoll Warbler
2 Common Yellowthroat
1 DICKCISSEL -- on the ground among Song Sparrows below the landfill. Gorgeous bird. 
2 Eastern Towhee
3 Field Sparrow
2 Chipping Sparrow
7 Savannah Sparrow
40 White-throated Sparrow
28 Swamp Sparrow
5 LINCOLN'S SPARROW -- ties my high count for one location in Fairfield. Lincoln's were seemingly everywhere today at Pine Creek
50 Song Sparrow

Jennings Beach:
1 Gray Catbird
1 Common Yellowthroat

Alex Burdo

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