[CT Birds] Brown Pelican, Tenn Warbler, possible Grasshopper Sp

Tim Antanaitis timant123 at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 22 19:08:24 EDT 2011

I stopped by Lighthouse Point (1:00-3:00) to check in on the hawk watch.  There was a small group of birders
there, but no one was at their scope and it seemed pretty dead, so I headed over towards the butterfly garden and
feeders.  There was a TENNESSEE WARBLER and 3 WHITE-CROWNED SPARROWS no more than 50 feet
from the feeders.  The trails through the woods had a late BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER.  On the way out,
I caught a brief glimpse of a bird just beyond the big wooden pole on the ground that is near the road and close
to the feeders.  I believe it was a GRASSHOPPER SPARROW.  It was a small sparrow facing me with buffy,
unmarked throat and belly, a white eye ring on a patterned face (not a Field Sparrow), and no dark lateral throat
stripes.  It turned its head and took off, so I never saw a side view.
I was on the way home and decided to show my girlfriend, Kiera, East Shore Park.  I was so close to skipping this
stop, but I just wanted to show Kiera that a bunch of birds really did hang out near a waste water treatment facility.
We saw a lot of Ruby-crowned Kinglets, a few Golden-crowned Kinglets, 2 Blackpoll Warblers, a Parula, and
some Yellow-rumps.  I was ready to go, but thought we should scan the water.  Kiera (not a birder) said, "What is
THAT?"  A BROWN PELICAN was flying out over the harbor!  It was being chased by a gull and it started
flying straight towards us. It dove a few times and then just sat in the water for a few minutes about 100 yards off
shore.  Two days in a row with a CT state bird.  Where should I go tomorrow for three in a row? :)
Tim Antanaitis

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