[CT Birds] Saturday at Bakersville and Brody Park New Hartford

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Sun Oct 23 11:25:52 EDT 2011

Saturday at Bakersville and Brody Park New Hartford...

Was it a drop in morning or a fly out night? It was the later - dead!
However - on an abandoned side Rd off Niles Rd I found a Hot Corner!

Mostly woods with some open slopped areas at the side of the Rd with abundant
overgrown weeds of Goldenrod, Sweet Fern, Queen Ann's lace, milkweed
and tall grasses. It was hopping with birds! 
Birds were coming in from the woods to the south and flying north into these 
 Nothing great with species but the numbers were very impressive. So much so,
 I did not count them but searched for goodies. 

White-t-Sparrows - most numerous - in 100's
Junco - also numerous
Chippers - numerous
2 Field Sps
8 Ruby-c-Kinglets
6 Golden-c-Kinglets in Hemlocks
Yellow-rump warbs - numerous
Palm warbs - at least 12
2 Hermit thrush eating berries in with many Robins
other common stuff as well...........incl a Sharpie enjoying the bird density.

Of note: I concentrated of the Palms and Yellow- rumps feeding within the weeds.
I believe both these species were not only eating insects they could find, but 
also eating some seeds from these weeds. Bent quotes the Palm does eat small 
seeds, and that is what I was witnessing. Mostly from goldenrod. Go figure! 

An amazing hot spot moment for me to witness. So here is where all the birds 

Paul Carrier - Harwinton

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