[CT Birds] Sunday 10/23/11 Rocky Neck State Park - the day of the Hermit Thrush! (Fallout)

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Sun Oct 23 15:07:15 EDT 2011

Rocky Neck State Park - S unday 10/23 - approx 8:30-11 

Bird of the day was the HERMIT THRUSH!  A  mini fallout of at least over 30+ Hermit Thrushes in one small section we were birding - they were literally everywhere - high in the trees, foraging on the ground, hopping along fallen limbs, eating all sort of berries, walking across the road.  We have never seen that many at one time, but apparently from reading other posts today - there was a big migration of them near the shore.  It was magical to be surrounded by so many of them at one time.    i dont know who was more curious about the other - us or the birds.   

Other Birds of note were: 

many  yellow rumped warblers, juncos, white throated sparrows, song sparrows, swamp sparrows,  WHITE CROWNED sparrows (2),  SAVANNAH sparrow (1), RUBY CROWNED KINGLETS. 2 Great Egrets, 1 snowy egret, several young DC cormorants, 1 PECTORAL Sandpiper, 1 kingfisher, and 1 adult MERLIN. 

On the way home, 1 Black Vulture in the Chester Ferry area. 

Mona Cavallero & Mike Berzenski 


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