[CT Birds] Surf Scoters

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Sun Oct 23 20:26:58 EDT 2011

Went to Twin lakes late today in Salisbury.

Had 4 male SURF SCOTER drifting together in a sleep. What a neat picture that 
made. Think I will make a sketch of it. If you want to see it - just e mail 

1 C Loon
1 F-White-wing Scoter
While there, at waters edge, many Yellow-r-warbs were feeding from an isolated 
Cedar tree eating berries by waters edge and were very close. The moment was so 
quiet,crisp and peaceful with just the sounds of YRump chips. I quietly pisshed 
and many YRumps came to investigate.
They got so close, looking at me just feet away with interest as I did with 
them. One of those moments where time stands still and we get the chance to 
really be in the present moment with nature. A great 15 min experience for me 

At Beaver pond nearby, counted :
60 Ring-necked duck
4 Wood duck
2 Lesser Scaup
3 Hooded Merganser
2 Pied-billed grebe

Paul Carrier - Harwinton

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