[CT Birds] LHPP on Tuesday 10-25-2011

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Thu Oct 27 11:10:07 EDT 2011

Thanks to many sets of eyes, Paul Roberts, Steve Walther, Don Morgan, Sol Satin, Lynn James, Judy Moore, Marty Moore, Dan Barvir, Glen Davis and Nick Bonammo we were able to find 592 hawks in a clear blue high sky. The wind was blowing from the WestNorth West all day.

Here are the totals:

Black Vulture... 1
Turkey Vulture... 24
Osprey... 7
Northern Harrier... 16
Sharp-shinned Hawk... 350
Cooper's Hawk... 74
Red-Shouldered Hawk... 2
Broad-wing Hawk... 2
Red-Tailed Hawk... 14
American Kestrel... 81
Merlen... 18
Peregrine Falcon... 3

Also there were the usual park suspects, and we had real good looks at a Vesper Sparrow that sat in the middle tree for a bit.  Sol Satin went to the Butterfly garden and had a Yellow-Billed Cuckoo near the feeders.

Bill Banks

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