[CT Birds] Eastern CT water birds

Jamie Meyers ctredbird2 at comcast.net
Fri Oct 28 14:42:48 EDT 2011

>From Jamie Meyers: 
10/28 - Killingly, Middle Reservoir area: 1 GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE, flying over CT 101 (!) around 8:45 am 
Bolton, Lower Bolton Lake: 9 hen BLACK SCOTERS, 1 LONG-TAILED DUCK, ~ 195 AMERICAN COOTS (noteworthy concentration for this location) 
Ellington, Crystal Lake: 9 BLACK SCOTERS, 1 drake and 8 hens 

Having read reports of scoter concentrations to our north and seeing as it was rather cold the past couple of nights I thought today might bring numbers of them down. There is usually a day or two where inland lakes in the state hold nice concentrations of scoters, especially Blacks. I surveyed numerous likely locations in Windham County and even dipped in RI briefly but nada. Stopped at Lower Bolton Lake as it was pretty much on the way home and it was birdier than every other spot I'd checked combined. I don't know if massing coots is a common phenomenon there or not but I have never seen anything like that in eastern CT. There were coots in several other locations I hit today but ones and two. Must be a push of them currently. Broad Brook Pond in East Windsor had about 1,000 Canada Geese but nothing else that I could see. 

The white-front was a fluke. I was walking on the side of CT 101 to get a look at the Ring-necked Ducks and Wood Ducks that were on both sides of the road when I heard an unfamiliar vocalization. I looked up and was surprised and pleased to see this loud goose flying over me. Never had this experience in CT before. I believe it paired up with another goose but I don't know if it was a Canada or what, as by that time the birds were flying away from me into the sun. It may still be in that area, though. 

Jamie Meyers 
Canton, CT 

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