[CT Birds] Hello birding world...

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Fri Nov 4 10:24:54 EDT 2011

Hello birding world - 
We just got our electricity back this morning! 7 days of quiet, good sleep, 
candle light and peaceful down time. Now the work begins.................Some 
sightings observed just after the snow........ 

Saturday Oct 29 - after clearing the snow off-(we had 18.5" of wet snow here in 
Harwinton) -  the open tray feeder by window, flocks of hungry birds came to 

16-Chipping , 10 White-throat, 2 Fox Sparrows, and many regulars all at the same 

After clearing off the hanging feeders, had 40 plus Junco, and a late Phoebe on 
downed phone wire. Of note also - all day I noticed a movement of Red-tailed 
Hawks all moving west over the yard. One even strafed the feeders trying to 
catch a Dove. Other new birds in yard were:

Lg flock of Waxwings eating from Cedar, plus 2 Yellow rumps, 1 Ruby, 2 Golden C 
Kinglet, 8 Purple finch eating from birch tree. My brother in West Hartland also 
had loads of birds there, and they had 24" of snow and are still without power.

Paul Carrier

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