[CT Birds] Question about odd plumage in Canada Goose

sean at seanmurthaart.com sean at seanmurthaart.com
Sat Nov 5 10:41:24 EDT 2011

Perhaps someone has some insight regarding an odd-plumaged goose I've seen regularly in Norwalk.  It has the structure and black neck/white cheek patch of a normal Canada Goose, but the body is all pale- white where it should be, and nearly as white everywhere else, except for a few tan smudges and slightly brownish primaries.  I don't know whether to call it leucistic or a domestic hybrid or something else.
I've got rather poor photos if anyone would like to see- just contact me off-line.  The goose is hanging out with a flock of about 75 geese in West Norwalk, most often seen on the fields of Fox Run School.  Interestingly, last year the same flock  (or at least a flock that hung out in the same area) had TWO pale birds, but these showed all black areas, including the neck, a pale brown.
Any ideas would be appreciated!
-Sean Murtha


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