[CT Birds] Southport Survey 279

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Sun Nov 6 12:05:20 EST 2011

Southport Survey # 279
6 Nov 2011

The tide was high, the water was rippled, and the sky clear.

Off shore was busy with the first arrival of many ducks, most of them  
flying through. There was one patch of bait fish which attracted 5  
Cormorants, 2 Loons, 4 Red-breasted Merganser and 12 Forster’s Terns  
overhead. The Black Scoter was sitting alone off shore looking lost.  
Closer to shore there was a Forster’s Tern on nearly every buoy.

The ponds in the golf course were empty except for a pair of swans  
and the Heron. On the lawns was large flocks of Ring-billed Gulls and  
Canada Geese. Also, the Black-bellied Plovers were on the lawn. That  
is the first time I ever found them there. was free of ice and  
contained some Mallards and the Hooded Mergansers.

At Southport Beach the Sanderlings were on the east side, at the base  
of the jetties in front of the houses. , The swans were at the mouth  
of the creek. There was a general lack of gulls. The “Leaning Tower”  
was well in the water and the Great Cormorant was back.

Dennis Varza

DATE	10/17	10/20	10/31	11/6
Tide	Low	High	Low	High
Time	8:00	7:40	7:45	6:50

Brant	0_49_0_16
Canada Goose	6_10_108_62
Mute Swan	0_0_4_9
American Black Duck	13_0_8_0
Mallard	6_12_21_12
Greater Scaup	0_0_0_8
Bufflehead	0_0_0_7
Black Scoter	0_0_0_1
Long-tailed Duck	0_0_0_2
Hooded Merganser	0_0_3_0
Red-breasted Merganser	0_0_6_6
Common Loon	2_1_2_12
Red-throated Loon	0_0_2_0
Pied-billed Grebe	1_0_2_0
Double-crested Cormorant	43_70_23_22
Great Cormorant	1_1_0_1
Great Blue Heron	1_0_2_1
Great Egret	3_0_1_0
Snowy Egret	3_2_0_0
Black-bellied Plover	0_0_3_9
Killdeer	12_10_16_0
Ruddy Turnstone	0_0_2_0
Sanderling	35_8_13_10
Dunlin  	0_0_3_1
Laughing Gull	8_13_2_1
Ring-billed Gull.	76_196_63_73
Herring Gull    	62_67_132_28
Great Black-backed Gull	6_12_7_4
Forster’s Tern	0_0_26_22

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