[CT Birds] Station 43 in Good Shape

Randy Given givenrandy at gmail.com
Sun Nov 6 17:15:32 EST 2011

Stopped by Station 43 (South Windsor) and it's in good shape. Some
branches had fallen on the deck, but the hard surface seemed to be
okay. I tossed the branches over the edge.

I had seen 30-40 Coots on the way in. When the first branch crashed
over, it got them all out of their spot on the other side. Counted 68
of them.

There's still one branch barely attached to the nearby tree. I started
to pull on it, but it probably would have fallen on me, so I left it.
A good couple storms should dislodge it -- it should fall clear of the
stand, though.

After that, was getting near sunset. Saw hundreds (500?) of Crows
heading south along the Connecticut River.


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