[CT Birds] Still More Bethany Ravens

Steve Mayo rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Tue Nov 8 21:20:57 EST 2011

Ho hum, 'another sighting of Common Raven in Bethany.  
But this morning, (at the old Bethany Airport on Rte 63) was different.  I had 8 ravens; including 6 in the woods near the recycling center, so close overhead in the Oaks, that I could hear their ponderous wingbeats.  They had their summertime Blackfoot Indian war-whoop calls, their high-pitched repetitive "Chimpanzee calls", and other calls that only a Bernd Heinrich (or perhaps a Steve Broker) could translate.  
Other highlights at the Bethany Airport this past week, include 1 Am Pipit and 1 Eastern Meadowlark.  
Steve Mayo

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