[CT Birds] Westport Highlights/Vesper & Fox Sparrow

Tina and Peter Green petermgreen at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 9 09:58:16 EST 2011

11/9/11 - Westport - Sherwood Mill Pond Preserve - 2 Snowy Egrets continue
Sherwood Island SP - Virginia Rail continues to be heard,Vesper Sparrow near the pond near the airplane field,Fox Sparrow at the entrance across from the Boating Registration sign(FOS at Sherwood)
The embankment along the marsh just before the entrance can be a very good sparrow spot. I do not always check this location but because Sherwood was still closed,I 
parked my car and decided to check the marsh. I first heard the Fox Sparrow before seeing it in the tangles. I sat on the railing and waited for better views and within seconds,it flew onto the grass within about 25 feet from me and I watched it feeding for about ten minutes.
The Vesper Sparrow was very obliging also. When I pulled my car over near the pond,it was the only sparrow that flew up out of the grass and into the brush at the edge of the pond. It hopped up in the open and I was able to watch it preening for a few minutes before it flew south towards the grassy parking area.
Even though it was very foggy, the lighting for viewing both these birds was excellent. I had outstanding looks and that white eye ring really stood out on the Vesper.
Never be deterred by the weather,get out and go birding!

Tina Green

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