[CT Birds] Peregrine Falcon - Waterford

CHRISTOPHER Hnat psmithct at sbcglobal.net
Thu Nov 10 06:02:46 EST 2011

A very annoying small assembly of pigeons have been frequenting my yard beneath my feeders.  I was in my sunroom with windows all around when I heard the loud flush of the flock and turned to see coming straight toward my face at the window and then banking to the left, a pigeon flapping and fighting for its life in the talons of a not-much-bigger accipiter.  Because of the resistance the pigeon was making, I got a real good look at the falcon which was having trouble gaining altitude with the fighting pigeon.  It was amazing because the falcon was eyeing me right back as they passed the window.  Very tell-tale well defined black teardrop under the eye.  They came down behind me and I ignored them, wouldn't even look, because I could hear the struggle - until it was over, and didn't want to scare it off.
I've had Northern goshawk, Sharp-shinned and Coopers hawk before, but not this one.
-Patrick Smith  Waterford

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