[CT Birds] Lighthouse Forecast for Tomorrow: BIG Hawks

Steve Mayo rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Thu Nov 10 18:13:08 EST 2011

There's a (Low Pressure) front currently draped over the eastern US, from VT/NH through coastal VA, to the FL panhandle.  Maybe by late morning we'll get some 'Tails and 'Shoulders at Lighthouse.  Finally!
So, if you're not working this Veterans Day, do check out Lighthouse, Quaker Ridge and/or Boothe Memorial Park.  
But, in accordance with this zany fall season weather, it isn't expected to last.  Winds are forecasted to shift to strong Southwest by Saturday.  
By Sunday, I'll be down at that dusty mound of Protozoic Lighthhouse granitic-gneiss, twidddling my thumbs, watching an occasional Herring Gull, and talking to my dog...
Steve Mayo

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