[CT Birds] U.S. steers middle couse on offshore oil, gas leases

David Provencher davidprovencher at sbcglobal.net
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I have deep convictions concerning environmental protection. In most of my
views I am a moderate, but when it comes to environmental protection and
conservation I am decidedly left of center. I do not view this position as
extreme however, I consider it "responsible." Having said that, there are
many venues to express the concerns recently voiced here that are more
appropriate than CTBirds (not the least of which is your congress person's
email address and phone number). The intended purpose of this list is stated
in the footer of every email. Ideally I would hope every person on this list
believes strongly in environmental protection, but CTBirds is not intended
to be the forum for debate of environmental policy, deplorable as it often
is. We should respect that many members do not want it to be a forum for
political debate. I also know that expressly targeting individuals by name
is decidedly deleterious to the future of this list and puts the moderator
in a potentially awkward repercussive position not of his own making. In
this context it doesn't matter in the least I that share very similar
sentiments to the ones recently stated.

I hope everyone will respect the "birds and birding" purpose of CTBirds, and
the position of the individuals who make it possible. I often tell my kids
that they are not defined as a person by what they say, but rather by what
they do. I fervently hope that everyone who believes as deeply in
environmental protection as I do will get actively involved in working
towards that end. But let's keep the focus of CTBirds more on birds and
birding. I believe one of the best ways to influence people to take a more
committed and active interest in protecting our natural world is to expand
their understanding of its intricacy, beauty, and fragility.


Dave Provencher

Naturally New England
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But I think the point is not whether we agree, or even if it's true. The
point is for there to be no politics, including by implication the tone. 

This is I think a reasonable request of this list. 

Perhaps there's a need for another list for emails more about politics or

I'm fairly new to this list (I've been on the daily list for a while), and
have enjoyed it greatly, including the readings. Thanks, all!

    Yours, Arthur 

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