[CT Birds] Pelican(s)

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I'll chime in, with the suspicion that there are at least two Brown Pelicans 
that have been lingering along the CT shoreline.  Those who have spent time 
searching for the New Haven bird in particular reported putting in a fair amount 
of time searching, and then finally located it on a dock or a boat or a piling, 
or flying around the sizeable harbor.  Let's not forget that after T.S. Irene, 
there was the immature off Milford/Stratford, but also one of the Fairfield 
birders (James or Alex) reported seeing an adult off Penfield or vicinity. 
 Let's also realize that at least one or two were (and are) also being seen off 
the east end of Long Island, NY at the same time.  It seems to me that there had 
been as many as three along our shore since the storm.

Frank Mantlik

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Although this doesn't help one opinion or the other, my neighbor down the street 
did see the Brown Pelican flying by Penfield Reef in Fairfield the other week at 
7:30 a.m. and the bird was seen at Lighthouse Point Park at 10:30a.m. that same 
morning. She did not mention what direction the Pelican was flying. The other 
two times the pelican has shown up here it was just flying by, although the time 
I saw it wasn't flying really east or west, but just kind of out over the sound. 
My personal opinion based on these observations is that there may only be one 
bird flying between Greenwich and New Haven, with Fairfield being a fly-by 
point. However, like others have said, I'm not sure why one bird would fly so 
far up and down the coast again and again.

James Purcell

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> Although I have no more information about the subject than 
> anyone else and 
> probably much less knowledge about the bird in question than 
> many on this 
> list I'd like to throw my 2 cents in. I think it's most likely 
> there is 
> only ONE bird, simply because there have not been (to my 
> knowledge) sightings 
> in 2 different places in the same day. "It" seems to be in one 
> location for 
> several days or even weeks at a time, then shows up someplace 
> else for a 
> period. 
> If there are two sightings in widely separated locations in one 
> day I will 
> immediately revise my opinion. 
> Don Morgan
> Coventry
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