[CT Birds] Bridge Falcons

Frank Mantlik mantlik at sbcglobal.net
Sat Nov 12 22:25:49 EST 2011

11/12  Years ago when Peregrine Falcons were quite rarely seen in CT, some 
birders used to refer to Rock Pigeons as "Bridge Falcons", in joking reference 
to their general falcon-like shape and to their man-made abode.
Well now that the Peregrine breeding population has surged, they can now 
rightfully assume the name "Bridge Falcon".  
While driving to work early this morning, there was one atop each of the RR 
bridge towers in Westport (Saugatuck River) and in Norwalk (Norwalk River). 
 They also have been breeding for years on the I-95 bridge in Bridgeport, and I 
assume on the Gold Star Bridge in New London.

Frank Mantlik

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