[CT Birds] Pelican

sandy sandyducky at comcast.net
Mon Nov 14 17:28:29 EST 2011

While I have not personally seen the Pelican, I have been reading all  
the recent reports and I subscribe to the view that there is probably  
one bird that has moved down the sound
  from an instinctive need to go South.  From the Rye area it is in a  
bottle neck with only a narrow waterway, the East River, to continue  
its journey.  I have never seen Brown Pelicans
inland in Florida so I do not think it will take the Belt Parkway to  
get to JFK!  Unfortunately I think we are looking at a case of where  
the bird will weaken and either it will die, or a responsible
"rehabber" will get involved and arrange for it either to go to the  
Bronx Zoo, where they have Gannet wash-ups from the South Shore of LI,  
or relay it down to at least the Chesapeake.


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