[CT Birds] Reading 16

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Thu Nov 17 11:02:53 EST 2011

Readings 16
Eastern Phoebe

Phoebe is one of those peaceful confiding characters, which  
appropriate one corner of the roof of the wash-shed or the side porch  
without so much as saying “by your leave” The consequences are not  
such as a good housekeeper would approve; for Phoebe transports a  
considerable amount of mud form the borders of the neighboring stream  
with which to build her nest., and tehn after it is built she fails  
to keep it clean; it usually swarms with innumerable parasites.

Phoebe sits on the piazza rail or the rustic gate and contentedly  
sings his monotonous refrain, Phoebe ve-bliebt!  the second  
utterance, with its chopped-off syllable sounding like a bit of  
mongrel German! The whole song is exactly what Mr. Chapman says it is 
—”a hopelessly tuneless performance.” Then he adds a touch of  
sentiment, and says further: “but who that has heard it in early  
spring when the ‘pussy-willow’ seems almost to purr with soft  
blossoms, will not affirm that Phoebe touches chords dumb to more  
ambitious songsters!”

Dennis Varza

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