[CT Birds] Birds At Kellogg Estate, Derby

Ross Allen emperor_ross at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 18 18:34:15 EST 2011

Between 4pm & 5pm tonight 11/18 from the duckblind in the lower ponds;
4 pairs of Mallards
3 female & 1 male Hooded Mergansers
1 pair of Northern Cardinals
25 Cedar Waxwings in the tree to the side
1 Black Duck
1 Great Blue Heron
30 or so Canada Geese flying in while I was leaving
and several sparrows of different kinds flitting about.
On Tuesday 11/15 around the same time, in the drizzling rain, I saw;
8 pairs of Mallards
6 pairs of Hooded Mergansers
And 1 Green-winged Teal, my first time for that so a lifer for me.
Actually I may have seen them before, but never IDed one until now.
Ross Allen
emperor_ross at yahoo.com

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