[CT Birds] sweet Stamford Birds

James Dugan jim at duganworks.com
Fri Nov 25 21:59:50 EST 2011

Stamford - 1128 Cove Rd. -- WHITE-WINGED DOVE
2:02 PM seen flying east and was not relocated.

Stamford - Cove Island Wildlife Sanctuary -- male PAINTED BUNTING
found by Patrick while trying to relocate Orange-crowned Warbler he found on Wednesday at same location. Bunting first seen at 2:30 PM at north west corner of fence line of pump house. 3:10 PM seen behind CIWS kiosk. 3:35 PM at east side of pump house feeding on pokeweed. Last seen 3:40 PM with many observers trying to relocate until dark.

Patrick Dugan, Wendy Knothe, Tom Burke
Stamford, Newtown & Rye, NY

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