[CT Birds] Red-Headed Woodpecker in East Hartford

Randy Given givenrandy at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 14:20:56 EST 2011

Yesterday, I had seen the Red-Headed Woodpecker posting, on eBird,
from Ed Dettore and his son. I went to the Elm Street parking area for
the Hockanum River Linear Trail (HRLT) in East Hartford.

The trail entrance is to the north of the parking area. I had made a
quick walk on part of the trail and thought I had seen a Red-Headed
Woodpecker take off in the distance. Wasn't sure if it was a Flicker
or not. Walked some more, went back to the parking area.

As I was getting ready to leave, Ed Dettore and his son pulled up. We
went back down the trail, made a right at the vee and continued to the
bridged area with railings (N41 46.168 W72 38.069). Sure enough, the
immature/juvenile showed up. It flew toward the river several hundred
feet, would stay a minute, then fly back. This happened most of the
time I was there.

If you look at the TX/07 photo in Stokes, it was just like that. One
time, I watched it for two minutes from 40 feet.

We only saw the one, but they said they were going back this afternoon
to try to see if they saw others -- they thought they had yesterday.

Randy Given

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