[CT Birds] Fw: 11/27 - Clark's Grebe, Milford

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      Hi Everyone,

      I understand skepticism. I was skeptical myself. However I got one pretty close look near the pier. The neck was long, there was a distinct line of demarcation between the white of the face and neck and the black of the cap and back. The eye stood out in the middle of the white face. I said to myself, "It looks like a Western Grebe," but the Clark's is the one with the eye in the white. When it dove, it appeared father away, but I got pretty decent looks with the scope, and it joined a second one. There was some white on the flanks near the water. Alas, I was not experienced enough to know to check the bill color. Being somewhat overcast, that might not have been visible. Bill and leg color on gulls was not obvious in that light. But the pattern was pretty clear. I would love to have confirmation, of course.

      My only experience with Western Grebes was three days I spent in the San Francisco area where I saw many--but that was before it was split, so I cannot say for sure whether I saw Clark's or Western or both back then.

      As I said, there were some Horned Grebes and Common Loons hanging around there, too, so I did have some birds to compare. What was strking was the eye on the white face. They did not appear to be headed in any direction, so I hope they are still around.

      Walnut Beach is just west of Silver Sands State Park off Exit 35 of I-95. The boardwalk at Sliver Sands takes you to Walnut Beach and the pier is off the boardwalk. I have recently found that if you want to look for bay or sea birds near Silver Sands, it is better to go to Walnut Beach because Charles Island tends to keep those birds out of view from Silver Sands.

      Alas, with my work week, I doubt if I will be able to get back there in daylight.

      Jim Bair 

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