[CT Birds] A Little More on the Grebe

james.bair at snet.net james.bair at snet.net
Mon Nov 28 18:10:44 EST 2011

Hi All,

Someone asked me if the bird I saw could have been a Red-Throated Loon since they sometimes show an eye on the face. All I can say is that if I did mis-identify the bird, that is what I may have seen instead. However, the bird, even when close, looked black, and that was in decent light. The back looked solid—even winter loons have some markings when you see them as close as I first saw the bird I reported. The demarcation between the black and white was clear—the R-T Loons usually look grey and the demarcation is usually a little fuzzy. It had the crown like a grebe. I thought at the time that if I were mistaken, it was because it was a Horned Grebe, but there were some out there already. That is why I posted what I did.

I posted it as soon as I got home with the hope that someone else could confirm it. Since no one else could, maybe I was mistaken (or very lucky). I am not unfamiliar with R-T Loons. Yeah, I know someone on the Listserv counseled me a couple of years ago that I should get a camera. Maybe I need one of those cell phones that has Internet connections, too. But I am one of those low-rent birders.

That is the best I can offer at this point. Bill A. posted my other observations in the e-mail I wrote to him.

Jim Bair

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