[CT Birds] Cat question

Sarah Faulkner sffaulkner at comcast.net
Tue Nov 29 22:10:07 EST 2011

I am writing in the hopes someone has a clever solution to an age-old problem.  My neighbor's cat persists in hunting in my yard, and the neighbor refuses to keep it inside.    Recently it has developed a keen interest in my owl-box, to the extent of climbing the tree and sitting on the branch right next to the box.  While I have lived with shooing it away from my feeders, I can't just ignore THIS -- so I'm looking for creative solutions.  The tree is a large maple (2+' in diameter), and its trunk is separated from other trees, although its crown is not.  I've had squirrels in the box recently and the they can jump from adjoining trees.  That's another solution I need...

but back to the cat.  Would putting a phlange around the tree, like a squirrel baffel on a birdfeeder, possibly work?  What material to use, where to get it?  Ideas?


Sarah Faulkner
Canton, CT

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