[CT Birds] Snowy Irruption

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Pretty neat map of the snowy owl interruption.  I wonder though how much the birds are moving around.  Are there just 1 or 2 in CT or more?  Found this website on aging and sexing Snowy owls.  Would be neat to try to keep track of the sex and age of the birds that people are seeing, that might provide some info on just how many are in the state.


Corrie Folsom-O'Keefe

Meriden, CT


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>From a Michigan list:
  You can also see a graphic representation of this Snowy  Owl invasion on 
Mike Sefton
Ann Arbor

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>From  the USFWS National Wildlife Refuges Facebook  Page:
"In  a phenomenon that happens once every five years or so, the snowy owls 
of the  Arctic are winging into the Lower 48 states. Most snowy owls live 
year-round  in the Arctic Refuge _http://go.usa.gov/5Cb_ 
(http://go.usa.gov/5Cb)   and other sites north of AK?s Brooks Range. A few usually overwinter in 
the N.  Plains and New England, but this fall they are spreading across the 
U.S in  great numbers. Sharp-eyed folks at _Oregon Coast NWR  Complex_ 
(https://www.facebook.com/usfwsoregoncoast)  report sightings there. Other  
sightings come from MA?s Parker River Refuge and as far south as  KS."
Simply  awesome!
Katie  Koch

Don  Morgan

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