[CT Birds] Importing Cats

Patricia Bailey bails at att.net
Sat Dec 3 14:06:55 EST 2011

As I understand it, the State of Connecticut is allowing shelters to bring
in cats from other states.  This practice sells more cat food.  Last year,
the pet food industry sold more cat food than ever before.  Our tax dollars
which supports the animal shelters are benefiting corporate executives and
decimating bird populations.  Several U.S. cities (Minneapolis for one)
require cats to be licensed.  Some cities have the same laws for cats as
they do for dogs -- cats must be licensed and restrained.  I wish the
birding organizations in CT would band together and apply political pressure
to have the same laws for cats as they do for dogs in CT.    The Journal of
Ornithology this year rated cats the #1 killer of baby gray catbirds in the
Washington suburbs where 80% of the birds were killed by predators.  The
higher the cat populations the greater the mortality rates.  Cats are very
effective killing machines, that's why the Roman army took them around the
world to protect their food stores.  Yes, I agree irresponsible humans are
to blame.  The laws need to be changed.  I also call animal control officers
and lodge a complaint on neighbors' cats.  Sometimes they will call the
neighbor and tell them to keep their cats inside.  The law does require an
animal to be caged or restrained from injuring itself or another animal.
Animal control officers say it doesn't apply to cats, but that's not what
the law states.  The law states any animal.  Connecticut law defines
"animals" as all brute creatures and birds (CGS Section 29-108a).  Also most
shelters require people to sign a form promising they will keep their cats
inside.  Remind the control officer of this promise and that no reputable
breeder would allow their cats to roam outside.  Good luck.

Pat Bailey

Sherman, CT

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