[CT Birds] Another huge Grackle flock - Goshen

Kfinnan at aol.com Kfinnan at aol.com
Sat Dec 3 17:44:45 EST 2011

At 4:00 PM today, we visited the eastern shore of Woodridge Lake in Goshen  
and were happy to see a four-year-old Bald Eagle, Belted  Kingfisher and 
small numbers of Buffleheads, Com. Goldeneye, Com.  Mergansers and Hooded 
But we were surprised by a near-continuous flock of primarily Com.  
Grackles flying south along the eastern shore of the lake.  Over less  than a half 
hour, we estimated approximately 8000 individuals.  It was  the first time 
we noticed this particular migration phenomenon, here.
Eileen and Kevin Finnan

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