[CT Birds] 1 Red T Loon - but I have a question

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Sun Dec 4 10:25:47 EST 2011

Bristol res #7 - Sat

15 Hooded merganser
2 C Mergs
2 Ruddy duck
1 C loon
1 Red T Loon - but I have a question  - 

I saw a Common Loon out far with another Loon closer to me. The closer loon
was not a Common but a Red-T Loon, my first here. It dove under and i waited.
The distant Common dove and surfaced 6 more times within 5 mins, but the RT Loon 
did not appear as I searched continually. I needed to leave but decided to wait 
a bit more. 8 mins went by when i had to leave. BUT the RT Loon never appeared!!

Question: Can a Loon stay under water over 8 mins? I thought maybe it got caught 
in some rocks or vegetation. It did not appear in those 8 mins anywhere else in 
the res - I kept looking all over.  Bent states a captive loon stayed alive 
under water for 15 mins! Can that be so?  

Paul Carrier 

3 min - 8-10 recorded.

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