[CT Birds] Little Blue Heron, Great Egrets, No Boat-tails

Frank Mantlik mantlik at sbcglobal.net
Sun Dec 11 16:06:34 EST 2011

>From Frank & Linda Mantlik
12/11  Stratford, Birdseye St. boatramp and small marsh - immature LITTLE BLUE 
HERON continues, 28 American Coot.
Oak Bluff Ave., Long Beach Park - 2 GREAT EGRETS in corner of salt marsh near 
park entrance.

I have not seen the resident flock of Boat-tailed Grackles at Stratford's Great 
Meadows since before Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene (Aug. 28), and I don't think 
anyone else has reported them either.  I've also looked for them to come to 
their night roost a couple times, unsuccessfully. It seems as though the storm 
"blew them away". 

>From Frank Mantlik
12/10  Westport, Compo Beach- immature BALD EAGLE soaring over marina for 15 
minutes mid day, 160 Brant, Surf Scoter.
Two immature Black-crowned Night-Herons in cedars along nearby Gray's Creek, 
opposite 5 Compo Beach Rd.

12/8  Stratford, East Main St. (Rt. 100), Raven Pond Park (duck pond) - pair of 
Northern Pintail (plus a 2nd male 12/11), and the male MALLARD X NORTHERN 
PINTAIL hybrid was back as well (3rd winter in a row it has appeared here or at 
Wooster Pond).

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