[CT Birds] Guilford - Canvasback Duck

Grimm, Chris chris.grimm at globepequot.com
Thu Dec 15 12:57:58 EST 2011

On Innovation Pond amongst around 60 Canada Geese is a Canvasback Duck
(as I type).

Even with the pair of community binocs, I had a tough time seeing any
red on the head - until it came a little closer (and even at that, it is
less obviously red and more black, with a bit of a dark reddish brown
glow).  But otherwise, black neck/head, white body, black tail
especially underside, as if it is slanted toward the back.  Like a
Belted Galloway Cow - expect the white is a bigger proportion on the
duck.  And not a spec of any other color in/on the white.

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