[CT Birds] Southport Survey # 286

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Thu Dec 22 21:27:13 EST 2011

Southport Survey # 286
22 Dec 2011

The tide was high, the water had moderate waves with west winds. The  
sky was cloudy.

There was a fair amount of waves making observations challenging. At  
one point there was a female Surf Scoter next to a female White- 
winged Scoter. As they rode the waves, only one bird was seen at a  
time. It looked like a magic trick, one species changing into the  
other and back! There were few birds about, mostly flying by, The big  
surprise was a pair of Razorbills (a survey first, they flew in,  
landed for a while and then took off to the west again. The Gannets  
were way out in the sound, flying west singly.

The golf course was dull, with only a few Hooded Mergansers and  
Mallards in the ponds.  Southport Harbor had the usual Bufflehead

At Southport Beach the three Great Cormorants returned to the leaning  
tower of Spiza. There were a few Mallards at the mouth of the creek.

Dennis Varza

DATE	12/4	12/10	12/14	12/22
Tide	High	High	Low_	High
Time	7:50	7:40	7:40	8:35

Snow Goose	1_1_0_0
Brant	0_0_31_0
Canada Goose	93_97_84_91
Mute Swan	6_6_8_9
American Wigeon	0_0_2_0
American Black Duck	26_9_27_12
Mallard	8_13_66_12
White-winged Scoter	18_34_22_18
Common Goldeneye	3_5_7_3
Bufflehead	8_18_16_24
Surf Scoter	3_5_0_1
Long-tailed Duck	40_8_10_6
Hooded Merganser	4_2_12_9
Red-breasted Merganser	50_10_34_28
Red-throated Loon	9_12_8_2
Common Loon	12_8_15_3
Pied-billed Grebe	0_1_0_0
Horned Grebe	1_8_4_0
Double-crested Cormorant	1_0_0_0
Great Cormorant	3_3_0_3
Northern Gannet	0_0_0_6
Black-bellied Plover	3_0_0_0
Ruddy Turnstone	6_0_38_0
Dunlin  	4_0_0_0
Ring-billed Gull.	69_148_169_160
Herring Gull    	66_28_263_77
Great Black-backed Gull	9_3_10_5
Razorbill	0_0_0_2

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