[CT Birds] Fw: Snowy Owl Stratford

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Sun Dec 25 12:01:39 EST 2011

I'm forwarding this email from Diane Barney Bontecou.

Merry Christmas all!

Frank Mantlik

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Subject: Snowy Owl Stratford

I was sitting on Lordship Blvd. in front of the airport looking over the geese 
in the airport field, when they all flew up. I couldn't figure out what would 
scare them, & then a snowy owl flew over. It went over the marshes toward Long 
Beach, but then I couldn't see it any more. I don't know if it landed out there 
or kept going. That was at 8:25. I tried to see it from behind the warehouses  
also but couldn't. 



Birds of a feather flock together
& crap on your car 

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