[CT Birds] Southport Survey # 287

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Thu Dec 29 21:07:51 EST 2011

Southport Survey # 287
29 Dec 2011

The tide was low, the water had moderate waves with west winds. The  
sky was clear. Today was the first time it felt like winter with the  
wind and the cold temperatures.

Sunken Island was exposed and covered in Herring Gulls. The scoters  
and a few Black Ducks were scattered around it . The few Long-tailed  
Ducks and Goldeneye were distant fly-by’s

The golf course had the Gadwall and the Wigeon with a few Mallards.  
Southport Harbor had the mud flats exposed and was filled with the  
Canada Geese, including Baby Huey the Snow Goose. Also present were  
the usual Bufflehead and Hooded Mergansers. The main channel out of  
the harbor had 5 Red-throated Loons.

At Southport Beach the three Great Cormorants that roost on the tower  
were gone, apparently they are only there at high tide. The flats  
were exposed and had several family groups walking around.  There  
were few Mallards at the mouth of the creek.

Dennis Varza

DATE	12/10	12/14	12/22	12/29
Tide	High	Low_	High	Low_
Time	7:40	7:40	8:35	7:40

Snow Goose	1_0_0_1
Brant	0_31_0_0
Canada Goose	97_84_91_285
Mute Swan	6_8_9_6
Gadwall	0_0_0_2
American Wigeon	0_2_0_2
American Black Duck	9_27_12_15
Mallard	13_66_12_22
White-winged Scoter	34_22_18_12
Common Goldeneye	5_7_3_2
Bufflehead	18_16_24_16
Surf Scoter	5_0_1_0
Long-tailed Duck	8_10_6_14
Hooded Merganser	2_12_9_9
Red-breasted Merganser	10_34_28_14
Red-throated Loon	12_8_2_8
Common Loon	8_15_3_2
Pied-billed Grebe	1_0_0_0
Horned Grebe	8_4_0_4
Great Cormorant	3_0_3_0
Northern Gannet	0_0_6_0
Ruddy Turnstone	0_38_0_0
Ring-billed Gull.	148_169_160_106
Herring Gull    	28_263_77_133
Great Black-backed Gull	3_10_5_3
Razorbill	0_0_2_0

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