[CT Birds] Regular visitors @ North Lake Dr., Hamden

Arthur Shippee ashippee at snet.net
Fri Dec 30 11:35:52 EST 2011

Here at North Lake Dr. in Hamden, we've had for a few weeks a wandering flock generally of:

1 Ruby Crowned Kinglet

ca. 7 House Finch

The odd Goldfinch or 2

several Chickadees and some Titmice

1 or 2 W-B Nuthatch

Pair of Downy WPs

Sometimes joined by Hairy or Red-Bellied

Sometimes accompanied by some Blue Jays

I've not seen a regular RCK here.  It takes some suet and a seed or two.

Flo:  they go in & out of RWA property.

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