[CT Birds] Fairfield Big Year Summary

charles barnard jr chbarnjr at gmail.com
Sun Jan 1 11:48:44 EST 2012

Alex and James,

Congratulations to both of you on putting together such a nice species list
for Fairfield in 2011.  The fact that both of you depend heavily upon your
bikes to get around makes it all the more impressive.  Fairfield has some
really nice Open Space areas, from Brett Woods, Hoyden's Hill, Grace
Richardson,and Lake Mohegan all the way down to Southport Beach, Pine
Creek, Penfield Reef and Ash Creek,  there are many beautiful locations and
multitudes of birds to find.

 I am very glad that there are such fine birders as you two guys are to
record all these birds for any current conservation related decisions as
well as getting things on the record for posterity.

I hope that you both have a healthy and happy new year.


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