[CT Birds] Chester, 12/31 and 1/1: catbird

teustis at killingworthlibrary.org teustis at killingworthlibrary.org
Sun Jan 1 18:01:26 EST 2012

Chester, 12/31 & 1/1/12: While it wasn't my first bird of the year, I was thrilled to have a GRAY CATBIRD show up at our feeders this weekend - just in time for both Cornell's Project Feederwatch and the CBC! It had been teasing me for a couple of weeks, calling from the neighbor's yard across the street (obviously, where it roosts at night, since I hear it over there at first light). But it finally showed up when it "counted" most. Top species count for the New Year so far: 19 MOURNING DOVES congregate at our feeders each day around noon.
~ Tammy Eustis, Chester

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