[CT Birds] First day of birds

Sarah Faulkner sffaulkner at comcast.net
Sun Jan 1 20:59:27 EST 2012

My drive to Stratford from Collinsville brought some wonderful birds to start off the year.  There were gorgeous hooded mergansers on the Collinsville mill pond to start the trip.  The snowy owl was visible from Short Beach, Stratford, along with flocks of brant and a single northern gannett flying at a distance.   I found a cluster of monk parakeets (debudding a tree...) in Stratford.  The drive back brought a view of the largest group of turkey vultures I've EVER seen -- at least 150 -- near Derby along Route 8.  A very arresting sight, indeed, over the highway.  And I also had views of two large clusters of starlings -- at least 100 each -- swirling near the stacks in Waterbury.  Not a bad start to the year at all.

Sarah Faulkner
Collinsville, CT

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