[CT Birds] 1/1 - Fairfield - Common Eider, Yellowthroat, OC Warbler +

Alex Burdo aburdo10 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 2 07:35:12 EST 2012

I spent New Years Day birding spots in Fairfield with Dave Hursh. We were able to rack up 60 species on the day before turning in. Highlights below:

Pine Creek (with Greg Hanisek and Bill Banks in part):
1 Pied-billed Grebe -- continues in the cove area past the pond on your left if you are on your way up to the landfill from the Veres Street entrance.
1 Northern Harrier
1 Sharp-shinned Hawk
1 Cooper's Hawk
3 Winter Wren -- one bird at the base of the hill leading up to the landfill and two birds in the vicinity of the old railroad bridge on the leftmost trail that leads to the yellowthroat and catbird location
4 Golden-crowned Kinglet -- foraging along Old Dam Road
1 Ruby-crowned Kinglet -- same area as the 2 Winter Wrens
2 Gray Catbird -- Along the aforementioned 'left hand trail', past the dike passing the small canal on the main trail side. Once seen between the dike and Oldfield School.
3 Orange-crowned Warbler -- Two Orange-crowneds seen and heard in the normal location, just off the Veres entrance on the slopes of the hill up to the landfill. Birds calling and foraging; rather tame but difficult to get long looks at as they were moving about constantly. Also, one Orange-crowned Warbler later seen in the same area as the Winter Wren, a new area for this species I believe.
1 Common Yellowthroat -- Heard in the vicinity of the thickets at the Salt Meadow Road entrance along the canal. Seen later by others
1 Fox Sparrow
 4 Swamp Sparrow

Sasco Beach:
5 Horned Grebe
3 Common Loon
2 Red-throated Loon
7 Long-tailed Duck
1 Great Cormorant
4 White-winged Scoter

Southport Beach:
3 Bonaparte's Gull

Penfield Reef:
300+ Common Goldeneye
40 Brant
10 Greater Scaup -- birds hard to count in the rough surf
2 Northern Gannet
60 White-winged Scoter - again, birds hard to count in the rough surf
3 Razorbill -- seen well in the terrific late afternoon light flying offshore. All appeared to be Razorbills
1 COMMON EIDER -- Rare for Fairfield. In with the flock of White-winged Scoters. 

Alex Burdo

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