[CT Birds] Rusty Blackbirds

Dr. Robert Mirer robert.m.mirer at snet.net
Mon Jan 2 14:07:33 EST 2012

Monday morning along Vibert Rd, South Windsor, near the boat launch:

A mixed flock of several hundred birds, mostly E. Starlings, with Redwings, Cowbirds, and at least 8 Rusty Blackbirds. Every time a pheasant hunter took a shot, the flock would rise up and move a bit. Frustrating. Amusingly, as I was watching this flock, a pheasant sauntered by in the brush along the roadside very close to me, safe for the moment from the hunters out in the field. The crow hunters were also out; every 10 minutes or so they would play their loud tape of crow distress calls. I know this is common practice, but is this ethical hunting behavior? And if you think not, is it different from birders playing recorded calls for a similar (though less lethal) purpose?
Also, an immature Bald Eagle was circling over the cornfields. 

Rob Mirer
South Windsor

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