[CT Birds] Great Island marsh 1/1/12

David F Provencher david.f.provencher at dom.com
Mon Jan 2 14:57:52 EST 2012

Kayaked the Great Island marsh yesterday for the Old Saybrook CBC. I was sick as a dog but I'm the only one who does this so... you gotta do what you gotta do. I still have to get the data to the complier but here are a few observations/sightings. The birds were very low in number. I would postulate the ridiculously mild weather so far this winter (winter? What winter?) has made most inland wetland/water habitats still open and usable and has not pushed everything to coastal marshes. I found many less Marsh Wrens and sparrows than last year, and for those who are curious, I kayaked and walked the entire Great Island marsh area as best I could and did NOT find a Snowy Owl. Nor did I see any behavior in Harriers or Crows that would suggest they had found a Snowy and were harassing it. Among the few birds of mild interest I did find were:

3 Harriers (one of which I flushed off a dead Brant in the marsh  which was too far disassembled to hazard a guess at the cause of death)
1 Phoebe
1 Belted Kingfisher (female)
3 Marsh Wrens
1 Common Yellowthroat
2 Swamp Sparrows
1 Snow Bunting
1 Seaside Sparrow

Stepping up on a soap box briefly here: You would be amazed at the amount of human detritus washed up in the marsh. Worst of all are the plastic beverage bottles, numerous and ubiquitous.


David Provencher

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