[CT Birds] Snowy Owl in Manchester??

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Hi Don,
Or perhaps an albino/leucistic Red-tailed Hawk?

Frank Mantlik

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I'm reluctant to post this because it seems unlikely, but I am fairly sure  
I saw a Snowy Owl in Manchester, just before 9 AM this morning. I was 
westbound  on I-384 when I saw a medium sized soaring bird to the south of the 
highway. I  spotted it because it appeared to be white and flashed in the 
sunshine. There  are lots of gulls in Manchester and for a moment I assumed it 
was, but I had a  pretty good look and there was no way the bird was a gull, 
totally wrong shape. 
I am certain it wasn't any of our normal raptors either, wing and body  
shape was very different. Only thing it vaguely resembled was a Broad-wing, but 
that would be just as rare this time of year I think, and There was no 
black at  all underneath the bird nor on the wingtips. 
The bird had a heavy body, broad, relatively short wings with blunt  tips 
and a stubby tail which was spread wide the entire time I saw it. It was  
making fairly tight circles along the edge of the highway. Not where I would  
expect to see one, but I'm nearly certain it was a Snowy.  

Don  Morgan
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