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I did not get a good look at your pix, but I do have a few funny instances from the Norwalk Islands to share. 
I recall one winter bird count when Chris Bozak and I were out on my boat, we were counting brant thought our bins, after scanning the flock of about 20, I looked a bit more to the right and said to Chris, what's that a duck hunters boat ? Yes we were duped by a bunch of brant decoys.

Last winter I photographed shot after shot of a odd bird behind the islands, as I maneuvered the boat  closer to the bird, I realized it was a hunters lost merganser decoy.

On one of the Norwalk Seaport's Bird Tours, I was talking about the Mute Swans in Norwalk Harbor.
I mentioned to the customers that there was one near the western shoreline. After studying in my bins, the joke was on me, the swan was a floating plastic blowup near the shoreline at someones shoreline home. Perhap a look alike to yours?
We all had a good laugh!

Larry Flynn

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