[CT Birds] UConn birds - my two cents

Scott Baron brnpelican at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 3 20:20:24 EST 2012

I agree w/ Chris Elphick about UConn birds.  I think the campus and the area around it are good for birding.  I attended college there from 1991 - 95.  I didn't bird it often but I had a nice time when I did.  I remember Meadowlark, Bluebird, Bobolink, Kestrel (are they still there?) and Tree Swallow in the ag fields of Horsebarn Hill.  I got my life Snow Buntings (on the snow, appropriately) in snowy Mar. 1993 along Horsebarn Hill Rd.  Had my lifer Wilson's Snipe in the W Lot area, as well as Brown Thrasher and during the migrations Am. Pipit.  I heard but could never see Acadian Flycatcher along the nearby Nipmuck Trail which runs along a stretch of Fenton River lined w/ hemlocks.  Etc. etc.

OK, that was 20 yrs. ago.  Perhaps the bird life has changed a bit.  But from the listserv I see that birders find good stuff there.  For ex. every winter someone finds a Snow, Barnacle or other uncommon or rare goose in the area.

I feel that many inland areas of Conn., although not usually good for shorebirds, can be quite good for birds generally.  I think it could be a fun and worthwhile endeavor to bird in your town or a neighboring one that you want to get to know better.

My two cents.

Good birding to you in 2012, wherever you go.

Scott Baron
former Conn. resident

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