[CT Birds] Downtown Hartford Sidewalk - American Woodcock!

asterbunch at cox.net asterbunch at cox.net
Wed Jan 4 12:47:51 EST 2012

1/4/12 - Hartford, sidewalk in front of Unitedhealth building on Asylum Street - 1 AMERICAN WOODCOCK.

This one has a brief story.  Nazima Shaikh told me at work early this morning that there was an injured bird on our sidewalk in front of our building.  While walking out with her to check on the bird, I was thinking it was a Starling or House Sparrow.  Much to my surprise, there was an American Woodcock on the sidewalk in front of our building.  It apparently hit our building and fell to the ground during the evening.  The bird appeared healthy but confused.  After consulation with Jay Kaplan (thanks Jay), we were able to have it move to a low building ledge out of the way of pedestrians and in a safer area.  I checked an hour later and it apparenlty flew off since it was not on the ledge or surrounding area.  So...no rehab. required.  An odd bird to find in Downtown Hartford especially in January!

Bill Asteriades
South Glastonbury, CT

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