[CT Birds] Stratford AM Great Egrets

donnacap at aol.com donnacap at aol.com
Thu Jan 5 08:17:18 EST 2012

Boat Ramp, Stratford 7:30am saw 6 Great Egrets fly over Housatonic, briefly touch day in marsh area next to the parking lot and then take off heading south. It was my first time seeing Egrets fly in a flock.  Wish it had been sunny for a photo.  I suspected they were heading to Frash Pond and ventured over there.  They were there as well as a smaller 7th bird  to the left of the group that might have been the LBH.  Combination of cloudy morning and distance I wasn't able to make a positive ID on the bird.  

Hoodeds, Buffles and Geese as well at Frash Pond.

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