[CT Birds] pole mounted squirrel baffle choice

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Fri Jan 6 07:31:10 EST 2012

Rob & distribution - I hope you don't mind a "reply all" as I am  curious 
about the experience of others, too.
In our case, squirrels have been able to defeat everything except the metal 
 tubular baffles, which look like long cylinders.  They are installed on a  
pole below the feeder.
If you have raccoons in the area, you will need the larger, "raccoon  
baffle" version.
I have found that the top of the baffle has to be about five feet high to  
prevent squirrels from simply jumping up to it from the ground (this will 
need  adjustment if there is a high, hard pack of snow, like there was, last  
winter).  Also, the pole must be away from nearby trees and structures that  
allow squirrels to jump across or downward.
Good luck!
Kevin Finnan

Hi  all,

I am planning on getting a pole system to hang at least 4 feeders  and will
need a pole mount squirrel baffle.  Anyone have preferences  as to style?  I
see plastic cones and domes (I have a plastic dome  hanging over one feeder
and it doesn't work), metal cone styles, and metal  tubular (or "torpedo")
styles.  They are all in the same price range,  so my deciding factor will
be effectiveness.  What are people's  experiences?  (Offline replies are


Rob  Ballinger

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